Tiger Mandala livery for Wilco Airbus A320IAE Vol.1

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Hi Simmers! This is my first post in 2012…Whatta busy days…:(

Okay, into the topic! Mandala Airlines is back! After about 13 months Mandala ceased the operations, in the early of February 2012 Mandala has shown a real step that this airline company are ready to operate again to scramble the market in Indonesia flights. After having a financial problem,  Tiger Airways decide to ventured into Indonesia market by buying 33% shares of the troubled Mandala Airlines.

And now Tiger Mandala are ready…One of Tiger Mandala’s aircraft Airbus A320 IAE engines with registration number PK-RMN have been in: from Singapore to Jakarta. Previously this aircraft parked in Singapore, at the time of the Mandala was a ceased for a restructuring of the company. PK-RMN is the first Airbus A320 of the Mandala. The second aircraft with registration PK-RMO will soon catch up in a few days. As for the other fleet being prepared is PK-RMP, but are still in the process of assembling in Hamburg, Germany. The third aircraft was slated to be ready around the end of March. The Interesting changes in the aircraft, as well as a differentiator with the previous owner is the changes of  the aircraft’s tail colour, with the colour of the Tiger Airways.

Well…However, We are glad to have you back Mandala..:D Okay, let’s fly it!


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Garuda Indonesia Livery for Wilco A330-300

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I think this is my first Garuda Indonesia livery on Airbus A330-300 fuselage. PK-GPC is the registration of this aircraft. As I know PK-GPC serves Garuda Indonesia’s flight to Denpasar, Australia, Japan, and Korea. This Aircraft delivered on December, 1996.

This Livery is for Wilco Airbus Vol.2 A330-300 RR. Actually I have this livery for a quite long time…I have no idea why I haven’t release this beautiful bird..:) . Now you can fly it..Oh, and I include you the link for MTL (If you fly on IVAO network) below. The MTL is is PK-GPE rego. Enjoy it simmers!

Go to Download Page for Livery Download

And this is a direct link for MTL Download

EDIT: Sorry, this is MTL issues that when we change the MTL to this livery it goes back to default when we connect to IVAO network. So do this:

  1. Open your Aircraft folder and open IVAO_A333 folder in it
  2. Open “ivao.liv” file with notepad and change the whole lines like this
ui_variation=Garuda Indonesia PK-GPE (GIA)

And save it..Sorry for this error..:)

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