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Welcome to my airspace,

StevenAirspace.com is simple web created to support your Flight Simulations activities. Here we provide many of Livery Textures from various airlines and various aircrafts type, Flight Simulator comics, Tutorials and many more… Most Liveries are made by StevenAirspace.com and some of them are made by a colleague and friends of StevenAirspace.com. Mostly the liveries are made for FS2004 but you may try with FSX. Some of them worked.

Maintain your flight level, Please proceed and have a pleasant trip at my blog and feel free to leave your comments.

Resume your own navigation captain…

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Maskapai Virtual Indonesia Livery

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Indonesian Virtual Airlines or Maskapai Virtual Indonesia established in the middle of the year 2010. The two brothers Achmad Ferdi Iskandar and Nanda Arfianda began the project in early September of 2009 and finally realized in 2010. This virtual airlines dedicated to all Indonesian virtual pilot only in IVAO. Virtual Airlines it self named Maskapai Virtual Indonesia or MVI, where there is sub-airlines which is operated in real world aviation such as Garuda Indonesia VA, Air Asia VA, Batavia VA, Sriwijaya VA, Mandala VA, Lion Air VA and will be added a few airlines from Indonesia soon.

The projection of MVI is to gather allĀ  simmers in Indonesia and make this community become one bigest community that ever existed in Indonesia. Though the age is may still infant, MVI shows significant growth with the increasing numbers of virtual pilots who joined this community day by day…

Well, this is our young brother, Maskapai Virtual Indonesia or MVI with their liveries. With callsign “Maskapai” and their ICAO code is MID, StevenAirspace have made two type of liveries. One with clean simple white colour with “Maskapai Virtual Indonesia” writing on fuselage and with grey colour on the below fuselage, and the other is with full dark grey colour on the whole fuselage with a big logo of MVI crossing the fuselage. The fleet registrations begin with 7X. 7X-MID, 7X-MIE are for the classics, and 7X-MIG, 7X-MIH are for the heavies Boeing 747. Available for Wilco Boeing 737-400 and PMDG Boeing 747-400 with Pratt and Whitney’s engine.

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Since I launch these four liveries at the same time, I’ll give you the direct links here..

Or, if you wanna see what’s on StevenAirspace download section you can go there by clicking the Download tab above.

Enjoy it guys!

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