Boeing 737 Standard Operating Procedure

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A very interesting Tutorial, sequence, procedure manual for Boeing 737 by: Pat Boone. Here you can see a very complete tutorial of how to start your boeing 737’s engine. Start from cold and dark you just follow the procedures step by step. Not just that! This tutorial shows the sequence row by row, column by column on your overhead panels. And the wonderful thing is it shows ‘Who do what’. Pilot and co pilot have their own part of switching the panels..Which side for the pilot, which side for the co pilot. Awesome…what a very detailed instructions you can get here…
Download this .pps file here

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Clearance Procedure

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This is The Procedure ATC to give the clearance

In order to become systematic the ATC must have the sequence in giving the clearance.
Read this “C R A D S” Sequence

C= CLEAR TO destination (JUANDA,MAKASAR,dll)


A = ALTITUDE ..>>>FL,or ALTITUDE (FL330,dll)

D = Departure >>This can be SID…or specific Departure info…(like frequencies,but is rarely used) the very common is SID..>>>>FOLLOW (H1J,C2G departure .etc)

S= SQUAWK >>>and squawk (…….)

And the Pilot can readback in the same pattern using structure above…


ATC :P K-*** clearance available..!!
Pilot : go ahead sirr..!!

ATC :You CLEAR TO ***(Surabaya,dll)
VIA ***(W45,W11dll)
FOLLOW **** (H1J departure,dll)>>you can add the runway in use (25L, .etc)
SQUAWK ***(2101,dll)

Pilot: CLEARED to (destination)
VIA ***(Airways like W45 .etc)
and SQUAWK ****

Source: Injun Nurcahya

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