Maskapai Virtual Indonesia Livery for Wilco Airbus A320

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Yeah, I know…this is not a real commercial airlines that you can see at your real life. But working this virtual airline’s livery is a challenge! Coz if you just paint a real airline you just have to make from “something out there” to “something right here”. Now, if you paint a virtual airline’s livery you have to make from “Nothing” to “Something”…:) It requires ideas and imagination.

Still from Maskapai Virtual Indonesia or MVI, now I’ve finished a livery for an Airbus A320. This is for Wilco Airbus Vol.1 with IAE engine. The Registration is 7X-MIF and this is a clean white livery. Maybe next I’m gonna make a full body coloured with the “MVI grey” but I’ll have to watch if its gonna looks good or not :)

That’s it, Enjoy it simmers…


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How to Repaint Your Aircraft

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Hey Simmers…How are ya!

I would like to share how to repaint your favourite aircraft. I’m just gonna tell you what I’ve usually did…And I usually made it for FS9, Maybe it’s a same way for FSX, just in FSX they use a different texture format….And this is just a BASIC steps for repainting an aircraft. Before that, pardon me for my English ;p

What Things You Gonna Need?

  1. A Paint Kit. Every Aircraft products have a paint kit. Wilco/Feelthere, Project Opensky, Level–D, PMDG, etc. have their own paint kit. You must use the paint kit according of what product you gonna use. If you want to paint a boeing 737 from Wilco/Feelthere then you will have to use a Wilco/Feelthere’s Paint Kit. Okay, next.
  2. Adobe Photoshop™. For sure you all knows this app. :)
  3. DXTBmp Application from MW Graphics. We gonna use this app to convert the .psd file to .bmp file
  4. Image Tools. Use this app for extracting mipmaps. Otherwise you’ll got your aircraft Texture blur when you play it in your Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  5. FS Repaint™. This is a payware. You can buy it here … I use this app just to preview my painting (I’m sure previewing your painting by entering the FS is gonna kill you.. :) ).

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