MVI livery for Project Airbus A320 IAE

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Nice model…and it’s freeware. Project Airbus A320 with IAE engines. And it was fun working with the paintkit. Good details, easy to draw and connect all the lines on the fuselage. The registration is still same with my previous Wilco Airbus A320, 7X-MIF.

That’s it..Enjoy it folks..


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Airbus A320 Startup Tutorial

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Hi all..This time i’ve complete my tutorial about how to start the Airbus engines. I’ve made the tutorial in comic’s layout so I hope it’s more easier to read and more fun to learn :)

I’m using Airbus A320 from Wilco/Feelthere Airbus vol.1. The nice thing i like from Airbus family is the simple systems of the aircraft. If you can operate this A320 you also can operate the bigger one like A330,  or even A340, cause I could say there’s no particular difference in the procedure.

Well, I hope you enjoy this tutorial and here is the highlights of my tutorial…

Page_1 Page_2 Page_3

Page_4 Page_5 Page_6 Page_7

If you can read it clearly just click the images to enlarge but I think it’s better if you download the Pdf file to get more bigger size of the images and writings. You can download the Pdf file here

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