Circuit Pattern Procedure

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Circuit pattern flight usually used to perform landing excercises and to get more deepen your flight orientation. If you play music, it can be called a twelve-bar blues LOL. Circuit Pattern made with Visual Flight Rules (VFR). And for the VFR, ATC does not provide vector (heading), because the flight based on visual reference (visual reference). There are two types of circuit pattern, the Left Hand and Right Hand Pattern. Left hand pattern, if after airborne we turned left to join left downwind. As for right hand pattern, after airborne turn to the right to join right downwind. Here is the caption from the legs of the circuit pattern flight:
circuit pattern3

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The caption above shows that the airplane is gonna make ‘Left traffic pattern’, means after airborne the plane is gonna turn left to join the left downwind runway 23. Here is the details:

  • ‘A’ when plane’s airborne.
  • ‘B’ The plane is turning to the ‘Crosswind leg’
  • ‘C’ The plane is established on ‘Left downwind’ runway 23
  • ‘D’ is the area where the plane is joining ‘Base leg’ runway 23
  • ‘E’ The plane is ‘On Final’ runway 23
  • If the airplane is coming from the south of the airfield, airplane can enter the left downwind runway 23 at 45 degree to the downwind leg (see: light blue box).
  • If the airplane comes from the same heading with runway. airplane can join the ‘Upwind’ runway 23. Until at least 1 minute passing THE EDGE of runway 23 the airplane can turn to ‘Crosswind leg’ to join ‘Left downwind’ runway 23 (Purple box).

The same procedure if you want to make ‘Right traffic pattern’
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Beechcraft 1900D Indonesian Police Livery

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Beechcraft 1900D is aircraft with a twin-engine turboprop powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A turboprop engines, which have a history of excellent reliability. With 19 passangers carrying capacity this aircraft has a cruising power up to 860 miles and also this aircraft is RVSM certified so this aircraft is able to explore above 29.000 feet. Beechcraft 1900D is the improvement from the previous version, 1900C. 1900D has a higher ceiling so passangers can walk upright without bending forward. Assuming the “taller passenger” cabin adds both weight and drag to the airplane, other design elements of the 1900D were also changed. More powerful engines and modified propellers were installed, winglets were added to the tips of the wings to reduce drag and increase the wings efficiency, and the tail was made larger in response to the more powerful engines. The cockpit was updated with electronic flight instrument systems known as EFIS (sometimes also called a “glass cockpit”).

Beechcraft 1900D used for regional flights, cargo, corporate, and also for military tasks. in the year 2003 the Republic Indonesia Police Force adding numbers of the air fleet. Is a Beechcraft 1900D aircraft. and the number of this aircraft continues to grow along with the increasing police squad tasks. The aircraft was also carrying some police commandos holders to some areas to lead the arrest of terrorist suspects. And this is my repaint. Using the PMDG Beechcraft 1900D model, this is the Beechcraft 1900D with Indonesian police livery. Feel free to leave your comment here about my repaint. You also can get the livery at download page. Click the images to enlarge. Enjoy!

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