How to Calculate Flight Enroute Time

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Yes, we only just fly a simulation but it does no harm if we learn how to calculate the enroute time that are very useful when we gonna fill the flight plan. Okay, here we will discuss how do we calculate our Flight EET (Estimated Enroute Time) to our destination. Thanks to Danang Pariadji who gives the formula.

First, we must determine the aircraft’s True Air Speed or TAS. There’s several ways to calculate the TAS, but i will only use two formula.

  • Take a half of your altitude and add it to your Indicated air speed. For example: 280 Knot IAS at FL350. Then 350 / 2 = 175 –> 280 + 175 = 455 Knot TAS.
  • Divide Your altitude by 1,000 and multiply by 5. And Add the outcome to your indicated air speed. For Example: 35,000 / 1,000 = 35 * 5 = 175. Then 175 + 280 = 455 Knot TAS.

Voila! Now we have our True Air Speed. Now here is the formula to calculate our Estimated Enroute Time…

(Range / TAS) * 60 + 20. For Example: We take place from WIII (Soekarno-Hatta Int’l Airport – Jakarta) to WARR (Juanda Int’l Airport – Surabaya). The distance between these two airport is: 375 nm, Our TAS is 455 at FL350. Now we have all required data…. So the calculation is: (375 / 455) *60 +20 = 69.45 minutes or 1 hour 10 minutes.

This time estimation will be influenced by many factors such as wind factors, etc. And of course it depends what type of aircraft that you will use. Example above is using Boeing 737 classic. And it’s for Simulation use only :)

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Singapore Airlines for PSS Boeing 777-300ER

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Hello Simmers! Proudly present you a Singapore Airlines for PSS Boeing 777-300ER.  It’s been a very long time huh…Thank God I can still afford a motherboard for my computer..LoL..I’m very sorry that I haven’t update my site for a quite long time cause a few of technical issues. Okay, hope you’re all fine.

Actually this livery was requested by Singapore Virtual Airlines Group more than… three months ago maybe? 9V-SYI one of Singapore Airlines fleet. This Boeing 777-300ER delivered around 2004. I wrote this company previously, so let’s cut the crap and fly the heavy! Hehehe…


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