Garuda Indonesia Retro Livery for iFly Boeing 737-800

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Garuda Retro

New Aircraft, old Livery..Nice Idea. Two Thumbs up for Garuda Indonesia. This livery reminds us back to around 1960-1970 when Garuda Indonesia as a government airline company used this livery for their Convair 990. Convair 990 was the first jet plane in Garuda’s fleet. Now it looks nice on Boeing 737-800 as the type of aircraft that dominate Garuda’s fleet. Thanks for my buddy Lucky Ahmad again for his information about this livery..hey I mean it Luke! You did lot of great contributions for :)

You can also see the logo which Garuda Indonesia used at that time on the tail, engine and winglet section. With simple red stripe and grey colour below this livery looks great on this newest generation Boeing 737-800, also look at that “Garuda” writing..isn’t that nice? Okay, this is it, Garuda Indonesia Retro Livery with registration PK-GFM. Don’t get screwed with my previous Garuda’s livery PK-GMF okay..

Well, Let’s grab it simmers! This is for iFly Boeing 737-800. Feel free to comment, critics are also accepted. Enjoy!

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Garuda Indonesia New Livery

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100 feet

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Garuda Indonesia the Indonesian flag carrier airline has start to change their aircraft livery. Along with few aircrafts increment into the fleet, Garuda also changing  their aircraft’s appearance. Start by changing the livery of two Airbus 330-200 that owned by Garuda Indonesia with registration PK-GPJ and PK-GPK (as I know), and their Boeing 737-800 NG series, the company also have made changes to their Boeing classic series. Until now Garuda have repainted two Boeing 737-500 series which are registered as PK-GGE and PK-GGF (all the informations that I know until this present time).

With the colours of blue and green lines combination on it’s tail make Garuda’s fleet looks more fresher and more attractive. We can say that Garuda Indonesia has made a major changes to their airfleet livery. The changes on the aircrafts not only by removing the previous Garuda’s logo with dark blue background on it’s tail but the company also changed the ‘Garuda Indonesia’ title’s font on aircraft’s fuselage.

I have made two of these types, Airbus 330-200 and the legendary Boeing 737-500 series with this Garuda whole new design. As usual I used a Wilco/feelthere products for these two models. You can view the images at screenshots page and get these textures at download page

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