Lion Air Boeing 737-900ER

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This is an iFly 737-900..and actually, this is not “ER” yet…But I’ve made a change by adding rear emergency door. Okay, shall we…

Lion Air, one of the Indonesia’s Low Cost Carrier base at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Jakarta. This Airline established October 1999 and commencing the service at June 30, 2000. Lion Air have chosen Boeing 737-900ER to replace their old planes which are dominated by Boeing 737-300/400 series.

The 737-900ER is the newest member of the Next Generation 737 family. And here is my repaint, Lion Air with registration PK-LFS. Go to Download page and enjoy it simmers!

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Lion Air 50th Boeing 737-900ER for iFly

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In order to update their fleet, since 2005 Lion Air Indonesia, one of the Indonesian largest low cost carrier have already ordered approximately 166 Boeing 737-900ER aircraft and 12 of  Boeing 737-800. In the near future, Lion Air’s will recieve another 737-900ER with registration PK-LHY. This aircraft have a custom livery. There’s a 50th Boeing 737-900ER logo on it’s tail. I have no idea what is the meaning of this logo. If this aircraft is the 50th plane that Lion Air recieved, that’s a little bit awkward, because Lion Air has operated about 52 aircrafts of 737-900ER in their fleet. Or maybe this is the 50th BRAND NEW aircraft from Lion Air. Yup, maybe…I don’t know..hehe. Whatever, my friend Adry Sumolang show me this aircraft picture a week ago maybe..And this is for you brotha..:D

Anyway, I like this livery. Maybe their general livery better looks like this one. With the little red on it’s tail fuselage, it looks simple and good. Okay than…go get it! Oh, and actually iFly hasn’t release their ER series..Like my previous PK-LFS, I made a few change with it’s windows and doors configuration so it looks like an ER :D

Oh, and one more thing…Don’t forget to enabling the winglets in your configuration tool. Ok, enjoy it folks


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