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Air Asia 2

After Air Asia with registration 9M-AFW from Malaysia, now I’ve finish Air Asia with registration PK-AXA which is used by Air Asia Indonesia. PK-AXA is the first Airbus A320 joining the Air Asia Indonesia in the transition of Air Asia from Boeing fleets to Airbus. At 2005 Air Asia purchased over 200 Airbus Aircraft which are will be used to their fleet in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. The company see that Indonesia is a very potential market and the delivery to Indonesia began in 2008, replacing the role of the 12 Boeing 737-300. Unlike Mandala Airline who used IAE engine type for their Airbus, Air Asia choose CFM engine type. Now Air Asia Indonesia served local and International flight with their Airbus fleet.

As requested by my buddy Mr. Achmad Ferdi Iskandar, I present you this Airbus A320 with Air Asia Indonesia livery. Feel free to leave your comments and go to download page to get this livery.

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Boeing 737 Startup Quick Tutorial

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737 cockpit

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This is startup Procedures for Boeing 737. I have upload the .pps file about this tutorial in my previous post. I’ve made this just to simplify the procedures. I’m using Wilco 737 product for this tutorial. Hope this tutorial can be helpful. Click the images below to enlarge.
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