Maskapai Virtual Indonesia livery for Airbus A330-300

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Wilco Airbus Vol.2 A330-300

Another livery from MVI or Maskapai Virtual Indonesia. let’s do the Long Haul routes this time with Airbus A330-300.  I choose Rolls Royce engine for this A333 which registered as 7X-MIJ. Still in simple sweet white colour with grey touch on lower fuselage. I’m gonna launch this livery for two addon products, Wilco/Feelthere Airbus Vol.2 and CLS Airbus. But, Actually I don’t have CLS Airbus, it’s just requested by my friend Sandi Teruna so all I got is only the paintkit. I just repaint it without previewing. But Sandi has shown me the screenshot and I think there is no problem with the result. Below is CLS Airbus A330-300

CLS Airbus A330-300

Let’s Grab it guys.

Download Wilco Airbus vol.2 A333RR

Download CLS Airbus A330-300 RR

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MVI livery for Project Airbus A320 IAE

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Nice model…and it’s freeware. Project Airbus A320 with IAE engines. And it was fun working with the paintkit. Good details, easy to draw and connect all the lines on the fuselage. The registration is still same with my previous Wilco Airbus A320, 7X-MIF.

That’s it..Enjoy it folks..


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