Airbus A320 Startup Tutorial

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Hi all..This time i’ve complete my tutorial about how to start the Airbus engines. I’ve made the tutorial in comic’s layout so I hope it’s more easier to read and more fun to learn :)

I’m using Airbus A320 from Wilco/Feelthere Airbus vol.1. The nice thing i like from Airbus family is the simple systems of the aircraft. If you can operate this A320 you also can operate the bigger one like A330,  or even A340, cause I could say there’s no particular difference in the procedure.

Well, I hope you enjoy this tutorial and here is the highlights of my tutorial…

Page_1 Page_2 Page_3

Page_4 Page_5 Page_6 Page_7

If you can read it clearly just click the images to enlarge but I think it’s better if you download the Pdf file to get more bigger size of the images and writings. You can download the Pdf file here

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Maskapai Virtual Indonesia livery for Airbus A330-300

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Wilco Airbus Vol.2 A330-300

Another livery from MVI or Maskapai Virtual Indonesia. let’s do the Long Haul routes this time with Airbus A330-300.  I choose Rolls Royce engine for this A333 which registered as 7X-MIJ. Still in simple sweet white colour with grey touch on lower fuselage. I’m gonna launch this livery for two addon products, Wilco/Feelthere Airbus Vol.2 and CLS Airbus. But, Actually I don’t have CLS Airbus, it’s just requested by my friend Sandi Teruna so all I got is only the paintkit. I just repaint it without previewing. But Sandi has shown me the screenshot and I think there is no problem with the result. Below is CLS Airbus A330-300

CLS Airbus A330-300

Let’s Grab it guys.

Download Wilco Airbus vol.2 A333RR

Download CLS Airbus A330-300 RR

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