Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737-800 Winglet

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Garuda Indonesia livery for iFly 737-800 with winglet. I think this addon is booming right now, after the success of PMDG NG series..And the good thing is iFly has made an options in configuration setting by allowing users to choose and set the eyebrow setting and winglet setting..especially in the near future ifly will launch an ER series of Boeing 737-700 and 900 even there are still a few bugs in their product. iFly managed to satisfy FS2004 users desires to fly 737-900 with winglets. Because for now on the only 737-900ER for FS2004 only produced by Ariane, which we’ll have to pay for the repaint texture…(gimme a break!).

The paintkit is quite interesting, but there is little constraint on the paintkit, I found asymmetrical lines between the left and right sides of the fuselage so shis makes it difficult for repainters to connect between tail section to body and body to belly section on each sides..If the left side is connected so the right side is not connected. Do you get wadda mean? it’s ok, forget it…:)

Okay now about this aircraft..Garuda indonesia also phasing out their classic series with Boeing 737-800 NG series. This plane with registration PK-GMF delivered on December 2009. And for now Garuda Indonesia already has over 30 of  Boeing 737-800 NG in their fleet.

Enough for the stories and lets flyyyy with the iFly (Do i’ll get money by saying this??..hahaha)! Move your ass to Download page and enjoy it!

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Wilco Airbus A380 Edited Paintkit

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Hi Simmers! This time I will post something different than usual. I think this post is important for FS Aircraft’s Repainters. I am compelled to share this because I feel it is necesary to make some corrections on the paintkit that Wilco Airbus A380 have been released. First of all I’ve made some corrections on windows and doors, which in the original paintkits they didn’t separate the layers between doors lines, windows lines, door details with fuse colour.

Second thing is, I’ve added my edited full fuse paintkit. I was inspired with PMDG’s paintkit which you can draw your livery on the whole fuselage without any lines disconnected; and after that you can cut them part by part. It’s easier for you to paint a complex livery so every details will connected and reduce the risk for us from making some mistakes.

This is what I’ve done. My first project with this Paintkit was Singapore Airlines livery A380

Image below is a full left fuselage of  Wilco Airbus A380 with all standalone details. I named the file as “Full Left.psd”.


Image below is full right fuselage with baggage doors and details. I named the file as “Full Right.psd”.


After you finished your repaint on the FULL Fuselage template, Move them on the separated fuselage paintkit section by section which I’ve also changed all the details. How to move them? find your own ways. :)

Image below is the left side which named as “Left_T.psd”.


Also “Right_T.psd”.


Well that’s it! I hope this edited paintkit can be useful for all repainters. Please feel free to correct me if any mistakes on this paintkit pack.


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