Boeing 737 Startup Quick Tutorial

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737 cockpit

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This is startup Procedures for Boeing 737. I have upload the .pps file about this tutorial in my previous post. I’ve made this just to simplify the procedures. I’m using Wilco 737 product for this tutorial. Hope this tutorial can be helpful. Click the images below to enlarge.

Let’s start…

  1. Enter your cockpit in ‘cold and dark’ condition, goto overhead panel and turn battery switch to ‘ON’
  2. Switch Battery Meter to ‘ON’
  3. Turn ‘AFT’ fuel pump switch to ‘ON’ to provide fuel for the APU
  4. Click twice on APU button to ‘START’, the button will move back to ‘ON’ position
  5. Check ‘EGT’. the ‘EGT’ will rise and stable at 40 percent
  6. Then the APU GEN will lit on
  7. Turn APU GEN switches (second and third button from th left) to ‘ON’. buttons will move back to center position. After this open your IRS panel and turn the switches to ‘NAV’ (Figure 7a.)
  8. Turn ‘YAW DAMPER’ ON.
  9. Turn the rest of fuel pump switches to ‘ON’.
  10. Turn ON Emergency light to ‘ARMED’ and close the cover.
  11. Turn ON the ‘CABIN SIGN’.
  13. Turn the ‘HYDRAULIC PUMP’ switches to ‘ON’.
  14. Turn ON the ‘APU BLEED’ switch.
  15. Goto your FMC unit and goto “POS INIT” page, press the ‘LAST POS’ knob at the first upper right. And the coordinate of your aircraft will appear on the scratchpad below. Then put the coordinate to ‘SET IRS POS’ knob (Fourth knob from top on the right). And your PFD, EHSI display will come alive.
  16. Set your Speed, Heading (Adjust your Heading with your runway heading), and Altitude.
  17. Okay, let’s start the engines..goto overhead panel and switch ‘ENGINE START’ for engine number 2(two) button to ‘GND’ position.
  18. Check N2 until it reaching about 20 percent.
  19. After the N2 reach 20 percent open your pedestal and raise up the Fuel Lever number 2(two).
  20. After Engine number 2(two) stabilize, do the same step for engine number 1(one).
  21. And your engines are running.

Happy Flying Captain.

Steven Airspace

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